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The Institute of Intelligence Groups & Int'l Politics is a forensic investigative body that partnered with the retired intelligence community to ferret out the TRUTH about the real swamp of Washington D.C.

It is very disturbing in what the institute and our partners have discovered that less than 100 oligarchs as family units from Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom are within our borders robbing "We the People..." of our freedom, 2nd Amendment and Inalienable Rights, while pillaging our coffers through social sites, website foundations and crowd funding for false flag events in mass killings, police killings, Race Baiting, Rioting Participation and multiple crowd funding; the alternative media's crumb's from the master's table through Patreon, Go Fund Me, and Pay Pay etc. etc.

There is an element of traffickers in humans, children, drugs and organs in which are holding multiple government positions in the DOJ, FBI, SCOTUS, HHS, DHS, DOD, FDA, Congress, Senate, Judiciary and 455 law enforcement agencies spread across our nation, including major metropolitan, State, county, and local jurisdictions.

These departments of law enforcement are armed as a para military unit of the continuity of government, in which was discovered on the seventh floor of FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C.

There are also Russian unregistered foreign agents inside the above governments and more as spies holding congressional and Senatorial Intelligence committee seats. They are obtaining all  government secrets and technology jeopardizing national security of our nation.

There is also a Chilean Rogue Drug Cartel That are embedded inside our State and Federal Agencies including the Whitehouse and military industrial complex of the Department of Defense. They roam our state capitols, congress and the senate.


This is a springboard to infiltrating all branches of government inside the federal level found in the DHS, DOD, HHS, CDC, Congress, Senate, SCOTUS and the Senior Executive Services (SES).

They Own ALL the media, formed a judges star chamber with their back pocket full of bribes and blackmail, while spreading propaganda of socialism due to  exclusive ownership of the major tech giants i.e. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Viemo etc.etc.

Who Are They, You Ask?


Meet the Chilean Luksic Craig Fontabona sun drug cartel members? Anyone look familiar, if so contact our War Room Tip Line And fill us in on the details where you have encountered these drug and human trafficking head members of this cartel family.



The Global infiltration is headed by King Philippe Of Belgium, a chieftain member of the Oligarch Saxe Coberg & Gotha Families within the Khazarian mafia are hell bent on globalizing the world at the expense of "We the People..."


These oligarch and drug cartel families are hiding inside blue blood families of the Rockefeller, Inhofe, Bush, Kennedy, Biden, Sanders, Fauci, Waters, Pelosi, Schiff, McCain, Bloomberg, Rothschild, Soros, Sessions, Buchetto, Zublick, Bezos, Baldwin, Coumo, Presley,  etc. etc.

This particular crime family King Philippe of Belgium is the most active in fleecing "We the people for every nickle and dime that they can extort through single and mass shooting hoaxes using DHS, sheriff, law enforcement, governors mayors, Medical Examiners, in which are part of the Belgium Deep State Crime Families, in which are currently behind the global pandemic by holding head government positions in the FDA, CDC, HHS, DHS, DOD and the Covid 19 Task Force that publicly and privately owns the majority of the labs and pharmaceutical companies that manufactured Covid 19 test kits and vaccines with random kits tainted with the Corona-virus laced with HIV. (See Exclusive Report On Covid 19 Test Kits)

They are also working feverishly on a vaccine to inoculate "We the People to create another pay day at the expense of our unsuspecting society and republic's economy.

You will also be introduced to the Citizen Intelligence Agency's Channel and learn Institutes new Founded Science PSYCOPSYOPOLOGY discovered, while attempting in catching up with 60 years of chicanery from these families that sat as presidents of our great republic. (See THE REAL IDENTITIES OF THOSE PRESIDENTS CLAIMING TO ONE PERSON, WHEN THEY ARE ANOTHER).

Oh, BLACK LIVES MATTER When You are A Black Family Member Of THESE TRAITOROUS BASTARD, Who single handed have brought back the hatred against whites and blacks since the beginning of the Slave Era and The Rise Of The KKK.

These Black Families At The Behest Of The Above Families Are Participating And Have Participated In Some Of The Most Heinous Domestic Manufactured Terrorism Against Their Own Black American Brothers and sisters creating a divide in this nation that has never felt since the Civil War.

Our black brothers and sisters have been set back another 20 years is healing our nation in race divide, rightfully named by the institute called Afro Socialist Engineering.

Current Example: 2020 Minnesota Police Killing innocent black man. (See George Floyd Hoax Exposed)


"Thousands of Protesters Amass

in Cities Across the Country,

National Guard Activated in Multiple States"

Georgia Arian Brotherhood Members Killed a Black Man By Running Down While Another Films The Shooting, Ahmaud Arbery Is Another Full Blown HOAX! (SEE:  Institute  Demands Treason Warrant Against Perpetrators In The Brunswick Georgia's Aryan Brotherhood Murder and George Floyd Police Murder Hoax.

The fatal blow to race baiting black and white Georgia Citizens came a few days ago in the Rayshard Brooks Police Murder HOAX and  a few days later the Clayton County Policeman Drew Down on neighborhood kids claimed by 911 call By Concern Citizen Claiming Kids With A Gun.

Let Us Switch Gears?

What If I Inform You That The Super Market Toilet Paper Fight In Australia Was A HOAX Perpetrated By The Members Of The Above Black Families. (SEE: Faye Swetlik HOAX, in which is "TIED TO OTHER HOAXES INVOLVING SENATOR BERNIE SANDER'S FAMILY MEMBERS."





What Has Happen Since The HOAX Fight Over Toilet Paper, After The Covid 19 Plandemic, You GOT IT! An Allege Shortage And Price Hike Plus A Run On An In Expensive Commodity, Toilet Paper Or At least It Was At One Time Before The Covid - 19 Plandemic. 


It Has Scared The Shit Out Of "We The People..." We are currently HORDING FOOD AND SUNDRIES. Fearing False Evidence Appears Real Food Shortage.

Now it is that time of the year for more man made hurricanes controlled by the above oligarchs to look like hurricanes when in facts they are super heated squall lines. (RENT; Weather Wars And Learn The Truth About Hurricanes and Tsunamis as man made disasters.














It Is Amazing How different Our World Would Be By Rounding Up Under 100 Oligarchs And Their Families Along With The Above BLACK Socialist Communist Families As Co-conspirators Against Our Life, Liberty And Property.

Our history is not what it claimed to be in years as a professional student, I have went back in time and relearned, through,  investigations conducted by our teams, we are single handed revealing the TRUTH, one BLOG post at a time.


We have discovered that history has been rewritten as if a paradox time warp was in play to fit the narrative in today's society.


HISTORY Is and Has been rewritten as a social engineering tool as such to divide our society.


Our nation has entered into a volatility that could completely annihilate the human race, through, orchestrated hate groups seeking lust, power and greed at all cost, in which in the end it leads those participants to death hell and the grave. I Remain.


                                            Jerry R. Oglesby


                     Institute of Intelligence Groups & International Politics 


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