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"Battle For The Soul Of The Nation"

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ONE DAY at a time, we grow closer to our destiny, we can stop the clock, but not the judgment, but if "We the People..." will seek his face, then the timing of our destiny can be postpone indefinitely, but we must come back as "We the People..." prostrate to our first love, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, then and only then will our REPUBLIC, experience peace of mind, heart and soul.

I know you have many questions about what is going on and how can I trust anyone these days. Let me assure you with a statement that sums up what our institute is all about, "What is isn't. what isn't is, until it is or isn't."


In the future with our proprietary new found science, Psycopsyopology (psyco' psyop' ology), patent pending, we are going to hold all politicians, judiciary, law enforcement, and government officials accountable in who they really are at birth.


No more accepting these persons of interest at face value.




The institutes motto "From the womb to the tomb" rings true in the ability through visual forensic identification from the faces in the wild (internet) using bio metrics, ancestral identification, voice analysis, trait tells, and much more proprietary tells too numerous to mention, liking to your smile never changes from birth to death or the ear veins reflect the father to all off springs, plus the major palm veins have similarities, etc. etc.


Once again welcome to the real world of possibilities of living our lives with liberty and property, without government overreach.


This question of interest to all patriots, we will answer with an emphatic yes, our POTUS will get a second term on or before January 6, 2020 because this 2020 presidential election was a sting operation. 


I might add has been planed since the 2018 midterm theft in that election that put the spotlight on the Deep State foreign swamp influence by the Chinese, North Korean, Ukrainian Russian, Luxembourg, Belgium, Mexico's Sinaloa Drug Cartel, the Chilean Cartel of the Sun's and the Martin Luther King Jr. Family and in laws, including Martian Luther King Jr. Himself AKA Congressman James Clyburn Jr. And SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas' influence within our government, MSM, politicians, law enforcement of the highest levels of state, federal and local election and appointment process has put our REPUBLIC in jeopardy of becoming non existant in the World theater of influence for peace; even our judiciary from SCOTUS to local judgeship exist a "Judge's Star Chamber" consisting of those countries and more discovered in SCOTUS.


While you as a fly subscriber on the wall supporting and donating to our new found science, while BOOSTING and SUPPORTING our cause to expose the TRAITORS inside the D.C. swamp and beyond, through Forensically and Visually identifying names with faces from the "Womb to the Tomb."


We have discovered history has been rewritten as if a paradox time warp was in play to fit the narrative in today's society.


Currently HISTORY Is and Has been rewritten as a social engineering tool as such to divide our society through Social Afro Engineering and Battling For the Souls Of The Nation.

There are multiple Operations, since 2013 that the institute has launched in ferreting out the TRUTH, since the Sandy Hook Massacre HOAX, where the institute with boots on the ground discovered a plot to overthrow our republic through foreign influence.


The hidden hydras behind it all in the destruction of our Republic within a sixteen year plan, in which I might add is continuing on schedule as we welcome you to the silent but deadly coup against our REPUBLICS life, liberty and property right stripped away through communism.


Yes, our flies on the wall of possibilities, a civil war of digital words as digital soldiers has been ongoing since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for the President of the United States.


Once elected, it has been hell to keep him in office, due to his betrayal against the DEEP STATE that permitted him to run against Hillary to loose gracefully and increase his TRUMP brand, but thing happened that changed all the marbles, HILLARY DIED at the 2016 9/11 memorial. What happened?

See Lies Matter Channel and What If ?. 

"We the People..." will sooner than later physically take up ARMS in Civil War II, in which ignites in Savannah, Georgia, where Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement will attempt to burn Savannah to the ground.


The first shot heard around the World as succession of RED states in separating ideology against BLUE states Communism push for a voice in our REPUBLIC in our government, freedom, religion and press will be at stake for all the World to take up sides in evil vs good (ying vs yang). SEE Lies Matter Channel.

Here is some of those completed operations herald by the institutes senior fellow's bravery and determination to find the PLOT in it's rawest sense in who, what, when, where, how many and how much the PLOT had been accomplished, it was disturbing to say the least. See Manufactured Domestic Terrorism Channel.

You as a fly subscriber on the wall will see and hear about our daunting task to expose the actors involved with detailed investigations, some of them will be on going investigations in play for our minds, will and soul of our REPUBLIC.


You as the fly subscriber will participate in hidden motives, foundations and movements to accelerate our REPUBLICS self destruction due to the lack of knowledge in recognizing the enemy. You will be able to send us information that will assist our efforts to bring you TRUTH about our on going investigations. See Tip Line.


A great Orator of the Ancient of days said, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge,"


Our nation has entered into volatility that could completely annihilate the human race in this plandemic dry run, breeding, orchestrated hate groups seeking lust, power and greed at all cost. SEE Covid-19 Lies Matter Channel.


The end times syndrome is causing the religious to become do nothings as participants and defenders of self destruction and will take the mark of the beast (systems) out of survival to live in a satanic world of possibilities in loosing their life, liberty, property, and soul. 


This is unto spiritual death, hell and the grave, while the hate groups deaths are remembered no more.


They are instantly thrust into remembrance of their crimes as a fear factor, while their introduction to their most deserved dirt nap. Until hell as the grave swallows up their hate for naught, but what will be remembered to eternity is the selling of their souls for peace and safety to enjoy morsals from the elitist table's crumbs. See 14 Volume E-Series: Paradise Vampire Style from Birth to the Great White Thrown Judgement.


I Remain In His Service in America until he calls me HOME.


                                            Jerry R. Oglesby


                 Institute of Intelligence Groups & International Politics 


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