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This Author Has Made A Critical Error In Judgment By Opening Up On Facebook To A Snake In The Grass, An Alleged Lawyer Representing A Christian Brother, In Which I Might Add Is Not A CHRISTIAN.

Roger Stone And His lawyer David Schoen Esquire Are A Wolves In Sheep's Clothing. However, By The Time Schoen Reads His Facebook Messenger, It Will Be Too Late In What Legally Is Inevitable For These Two Provocateur Wolf Ba Bas.

Our Republic Is Under Direct Assault Against Our Life, Liberty And Property, "We The People Must Stop Them At All Cost Of Life Or Limb To Insure Our Children A Future On This GODFORSAKEN PLANET!

Now, My Cluster Fuck Of Poor Judgement will be in the hands of President Donald J. Trump, Attorney General William Barr And AAG Durham's Grand Jury Foreperson.

Reading The Following information, In Which I Shared With David Schoen Esquire, But I Have Sent The Visual Forensics With An Attach Letter. It Too Will Be Shared In This Post. "You Could Say, It's A Legal Dead Man's Switch Of Sorts."

" to their elders??? Now who can honestly re post this. 🤔🤔🤔


David Schoen, Attorney at Law Chat Conversation Start 24 people like this Criminal Lawyer MON 9:35 PM Is anyone available to chat? David I Have Information Against Roger Stones Judge. She Is A Defrocked Michigan Appellate Court Supreme Court Judge. All Defendants Including Russian Cohen Can Be Exonerated due to a Deep State Judges Star Chamber a Foot. I Can Also Hand You Robert Muller On A Silver Platter. What Do I Want In Return Is An Attorney That Can Be My Spokes Person As GOD The Father Takes The Shadow Government Apart Through Visual Forensics From SCOTUS To The FBI. "No One Is Who They Claim To Be" If interested please e mail me intelltv@yahoo.com, If you question my tenacity, go to www.intelltv.news Under construct a platform that reveals the TRUTH. TRUTH CHANNEL | Intell tv Institute of Intelligence Groups and Int'l Politics seeks to expose through media fellowship the principles identity that create corruption in government and the Body Politics. intelltv.news Walls Have ears. Muller Is Hillary Clinton's Uncle Michael Cohen Is Part Of a Russian Sleeper Cell I Believe That You Can See That I Am Not Kidding About Knowing Where all The Bodies Buried. Knowledge Is Power But Without Wisdom, It Will Get You Killed! This Will Help Your Client Stone. GOD BLESS, BE SAFE. Here A Bonus That Will Send You Reeling! CHILEAN DRUG, HUMAN, CHILD, AND BODY PART TRAFFICKING THEY ARE ALL INSIDE OUR CONGRESS AND SENATE 1:16 PM SINCE I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU. I HAVE TAKEN A SECOND LOOK AT YOU AND STONE. LEGALLY BOTH OF YOU ARE IN A HEAP OF LEGAL TROUBLE. TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE IN SAVING OUR PLANET FROM COMMUNIST DESTRUCTION, THEREFORE, A PACKET OF THIS INFORMATION IS IN THE HANDS OF TRUMP, AG BARR AND DURHAM'S JURY FOREPERSON. YOU COULD SAY A LEGAL INSURANCE POLICY AS IF A LEGAL DEAD MAN SWITCH HAS BEEN TR$TRIGGERED. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU AND STONES SOUL AS LEGALLY THIS CASE UNRAVELS.

Updated: Jul 1

This is where the Deep State has strongholds and strangulation of the people and the governments of China, South and North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan also Russia ran by an American Vladimir Putin Manchurian candidate, Russia controlled Puppet, since Mikel Gorbechov, Council Of Foreign Relations pet project. wsuits, foundation gifts and crowd funding.

The Institute and the CIA has uncovered the name of the state and city where the next manufactured domestic race baiting terrorism will strike and set off the next civil war.

It will be the shot that is heard around the world as if 9/11 is playing out all over again.

Over seven years since the Sandy Hook Hoax, the institute's investigators discovered during and after the Sandy Hook Massacre HOAX, a plot to over throw the United States in a systematic 16 year plan.

Obama began the plan, in which was actually planed by the 43rd President, George W. Bush AKA Michael Bloomberg.

Barack Husein Obama executed the plan with precision.

Psst, by the way he is not black, Barack Obama is a white man AKA Billy Bush executed the plan with Bush precision and in BUSH COUNTRY at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut.

Barack Husein Obama is NOT a black man. Psst, by the way he is a another damn BUSH and a white man to boot AKA Billy Bush.

He as another Bush inside the White House again executed the plan at Sandy Hook with precision, while he continued systematically eroding the Republic's citizens inalienable rights to life, liberty, and property. Now as this 16 year plan has not ceased, currently they are manipulating these Millininums as Socialist butterflies with purpose, while using this featured black family to perpetrate the planned race riots and oxymoron civil war scheduled for 2021.

This planned will be in full force as a conflagration in race riots perpetrated by President Derrick Johnson Of The NAACP, While his brother Hawk Newsome burned down the country using the embedded Belgians ANTIFA AKA

right after Michelle Obama AKA Sidney Davis Bush will be named the vice presidential candidate With Biden to run against Trump and Mike Pence, in which during the rigged on going Plandemic will flair up between August of 2020 through October, the Race tensions conjured by the NAACP & the ACLU and naturally, Biden will be declared unfit, incompetent and criminally unfit for the office of the presidency. Michelle Obama Will be elevated to the DNC candidate to run against the TRUMP ticket. The odds at this time are favorable for her to win.

In previous blogs we have posted the following plan, but each time posted the institute demonstrates to you how close we are at the point of no return.



Oops. did I say That, well folks, it's true and his son is Alleged Deceased Ahmaud Arbery as a active duty U.S. Navy seaman. If you want the TRUTH and want the visual forensic proof to these accusations and more; subscribe to the Black Lives Matter Platform. GET THE SCOOP BEFORE THE INDICTMENTS ARE UNSEALED!


Here is where the institute believes according to the past and present events since the Covid 19 Plandemic, through, Manufactured Bio Terrorism created by Dr. Anthony Fauci AKA James Mountain Inhofe II AKA California Governor Gavin Newsome.

Look around you and ask yourself, am I safer now than I was eight years ago or more in danger. The answer to this folks, if you are honest with yourself. We are in deep shit up to our eye balls in uncertainty with a communist push to destabilize Law Enforcement, where the 453 agencies are militarized to go renegade against "We the People..." in defending our home, neighbors and family.

It is considered and granted we can breath under TRUMP, "We the People..." do have some breathing room and fresh air in promises made, promises kept.

However, I cannot get it out of my head in TRUMP'S infamous quote of the poem "The Snake."

The Institute has erected a flag that flies over our compound that gives us daily food for thought, WHAT IF?

Remember, after another term under TRUMP, "We the People..." are back in the deep shit, unless you begin to realize the only way to survive this nightmare is to fight back smarter and harder.

A well informed militia is the difference between success or failure in their campaigns to take back our life, liberty and property, in which has been pillaged and stolen by foreign nationals from Belgium and the inbreeds of the House Of Saxe Coberg and Gotha sympathizers and profiteers as traitors against "We the People..."

No one of any importance in religion, politics, legal, medical, law enforcement and entrepreneurs are not who they claim to be in reality as a birth certificate toting sovereign state citizen of somewhere or a bought and sold citizen of the United Nations, through, your birth certificate traded as stock on the stock exchange on wall street.

Yes, folks some of our state body politic sold us out to the enemy of the people. How can you determine your citizenship status is to go to your state constitution and check to see if your constitution still addresses the borders of your state giving you coordinates of Northern, Southern, Western And Eastern borders and water rights. If you do, then good news you are a sovereign citizen first to your state. If not, then you are subjects (servants) of the Queen of England, in which is a member of the House Of Saxe Coberg And Gotha.

This is where these oligarchic families hide in prominent family sir names in the U.S., some even bear the Rothschild coat of arms.

Example: Up to 1798 GEORGIA CONSTITUTION Article I Section 23 insured the citizens of GEORGIA sovereignty, in the ratified constitution of 1861, the senate and legislature took that right of sovereignty away. Therefore, I am a servant (citizen) under the flag of the Union Jack's territory owned and shadowed controlled called the Continuity of Government, Washington DC.

In this post, the institute is going to pull back even further the onion of possibilities that makes us more apprehensive, fearful and down right angry, but you know something is wrong, it is felt inside that unction that you get when you communicate with JESUS in your secret place (Your Mind).

This is where the real problem of today lies within this Black family of under 100 family members with multiple pseudo sir names due to inbreeding with the white oligarchs, especially, the Belgians.

They are found inside the sir names Inhofe (King Philippe Of Belgium), Biden (Deceased Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr and John F. Kennedy Jr. Alive.), Sanders (Deceased John F. Kennedy Sr. Alive), Kennedy, (Deceased Bobby, Edward, and Patrick plus some women, all alive) Bush, Soros, Rockefeller, Pelosi, Bezos, Schiff, Walton, Clinton, McAuliffe, Brennan, Potter, Presley (Deceased Elvis Presley, Alive), Coumo, McCain (Deceased John McCain Alive), Steyer Family (Lindsey Graham), Gates (Tom Steyer Family), (Son Of Warren Buffet AKA Victor Rothschild) Buffet, Zukerberg, Dorsey, too many Pseudo Sir Names To List, but baby we have them all, they too are less than 100 family members creating havoc against our life, liberty and property.

Here is a person that has pushed global vaccines with a hidden globalist agenda to reduce the population of food eaters. Look where he has shit for a decade, AFRICA. Killing our people and "We the People.." are tolerating these communist claiming black African American Status, while tearing down our heritage and rewriting history, Why? Think folks, who permitted the disease into our country in 2015, because his excuse was a humanitarian gesture to save the life of an American citizen, Bullshit!.

Remember, Barack Obama's excuse was for humanitarian reasons. Excuse me BILLY BUSH AKA Barack Obama did this humanitarian gesture, Why? Only one reason to terrorize "We the People..." to take our attention off the real news, the mass Mexican immigration of children from all points Asia, Africa and Latin America for Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting and outright slavery, while using up their usefulness as breeders for the elite, while they harvest the Genochrome, blood mixed with adrenaline from their terrorized infantile, toddler and adolescent bodies. This is accomplished while the child is alive experiencing this horror of rape, peeling your skin off your body while suffering this horror.

Our country, the United States Of America has islands and territories to bring in humanitarian treatment of alleged American citizen health workers for the government but the real agenda is for the Globalist that wants to reduce the population to 500,000 people and live long enough to see it accomplished through this Fountain Youth Genocide.

Oh, this family is a Hinze 57 in corruption and hidden euthanasia talented war mongering off springs, Lindsey Graham AKA Henry Hume Steyer, while pushing their genocide agenda on the middle eastern and Russian blocked Muslim countries, Graham AKA Steyer is in the bed with China and Russia.

This is where the Deep State has strongholds and strangulation of the people and the governments of China, South and North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan also Russia ran by an American Vladimir Putin Manchurian candidate, Russia controlled Puppet, since Mikel Gorbechov, Council Of Foreign Relations pet project.

Matter in facts, Vice President Mike Pence Is A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing.

Meet The BLACK Sir Named Families of the Gillums, Abrams, Lewis, Cummings, Williams, Floyd, Brooks, Arbery, Newsome, Dulongo, Crump, Hewett, Waters, Winfrey




These people have operated under the radar, but were never forgotten by the institute. You could say we archived this brood, but continued to collect intelligence and their interracial marriages plus all their involvements in the past eight years in false flags of dead police officers, killers of police officers, pasty in heinous automobile, truck and school bus accidents, serial killers, Jewish hate crimes as killers, witnesses to bolster the reliability of the HOAX, but over a period of three years they have been race baiting in creating and operating a criminal enterprise in law suits and foundations set up to extort money from "We the People based upon a lie.

Then crowd funding became a popular way to extort money in donations in sympathizing with the loss of a loved one as a police officer, a victim of mass shootings, a fake hero, child left behind without one or both parents, funeral expenses, children stricken with an incurable illness or the Zionist Jews attacked in or around their synagogue or community.

Folks YouTube Is A Propaganda Tool To Incite Race Baiting, Giving Mainstream Media To Paddle Their FAKE NEWS stories and ah yes a place for the crowd funders to shake you down for donations, where they the very owners of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Veimo, Paypal can continue to use you as their piggy bank but does not allow us to give an opinion or real journalism with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Oh no, "We the People don't have that right anymore on Social Media.

I Commented On This Video Of Police Race Baiting As An Example of How We As "We The People Support The Social Media Channels, While Giving Up Your Privacy And Lives To Them, Where They Can Exploit You Gullibility In Believing A Lie And You Folks, Supporting Channels That Look At You as Stupid And Beneath Their Station In Life: Throughout this video there is no use to claim exclusive video excepting the act itself is a portrayal by an NAACP film company enacting fake news. Where is the proof that this actually happened. More PROOF that this is FAKE NEWS to inflame the black community to hate cops and create riotous situations that breeds terrorism against the white Caucasian bystanders in police situations where reality is not a figment of this channels imagination, I might Add good filmography. Look at your officer, does he look familiar, I Believe he was exampled in the Rayshard Brooks Murder HOAX, how about DA Mosby, damn she is your commentator, a winner of the NAACP Image award and possibly the daughter of a chief of police or could she be a daughter of Dr. Anthony Fauci or maybe she is Governor Brian Kemp's daughter. Folks unless you start to investigation in what you are watching and examining its content as if as an investigative journalist, you will buy into this NAACP Race Baiting to create RIOTS, Mayhem, and PURGES of Cops and White People. The investigative journalist, he is an NAACP grunt for president Derrick Johnson. So sad to see you buy into this bullshit.

A lot of accusations against people made in this dissertation about the complicity of YouTube race baiting through selective channels that are protected by Google and the NAACP. Folks, "We The People..." are at war against this foreign enemy is hell bent in destroying our way of life, liberty and property ownership in denying freedom of speech and press. What's next folks?

This is what is next, when this happens in this city and state CIVIL WAR will be declared against Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Belgians as unregistered foreign agents, Black profiteers as sympathizers of the Communist Party, CAIR (Moslem Socialist Party) and the NAACP.

These are Communist and Socialist ran organizations, in which has spearheaded the destruction of our law enforcement mechanism, whether good, bad or indifferent there are at 453 agencies, sheriff departments and metropolitan Police departments, in which are corrupt to the core by design in their leadership to pull off these manufactured domestic terrorist false flags through the District Attorneys, Medical Examiners, State Bureaus Of Investigation, Governors, Lt Governors and State Attorney Generals are behind the George Floyd Police Murder Hoax, Rayshard Brooks Police Murder Hoax and the Ahmaud Arbery White Supremacist Murder Hoax.

Inside our subscription Black Lives Matter Platform, the institute will prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt who was involved and how they pulled off the false flag, disclosing their birth names will be revealed, along with the one who financed the false flag. If we are not able to convince you without a reasonable doubt, I am willing to refund your money back before the second day of your week pass to see and hear the TRUTH of it all.

Institute, "We the People Hear You, but How?

Institute who, what, when, where and how is this going to happen? Folks, that information is found inside our different platforms offered on our channels that unlock the TRUTH about this GOD FORSAKEN WORLD, "We The People..." endure daily feeding on propaganda, well folks our channels have TRUTH backed by visual forensic evidence gathered from the faces in the wild through a newly discovered division of visual forensic science created by the institute called PSYCOPSYOPOLOGY.

Subscribe, You Won't Be Sorry!


Updated: Jun 20

This Channel has Damning Visual Forensic Evidence That Both Cases Proves Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That The Racially Charged Alleged Murders Of Two Black Men Ahmaud Arbery, By White Supremacist Brunswick Georgia Retired District Attorney Investigator, Floyd's Alleged Murder By A Minneapolis Police Officer And Recently The Allege Atlanta Policemen Murder Of Rayshard Brooks.

All Three Acts Are Considered Treason Against All Perpetrators And Co-Conspirators And An Act To Overthrow A Duly Elected Government Of The 45th President Donald J. Trump. It Is Also Suspect In Interfering Into The Re-Election Bid Of The President Of the United States.

The institute of intelligence groups and International politics' director has reached out to the Department of Justice, the FBI, and a Georgia Supreme Court Judge, District Attorney and a Georgia Sequestered Grand Jury for assistance in bringing these perpetrators and

co-conspirators to answer for the crime of TREASON.

The Code Of Federal Regulations 18 U.S.C. Section 2381 are very clear in its position in what constitutes Treason against the United States.

There is also a bright line standard found in the Georgia Code Annotated, 16-11-1, where two or more citizens can apply for a warrant by a judge against a person or person's committing TREASON against the state of Georgia.

Due to the corruption, through out. the Federal branches of law enforcement FBI, DOJ and Judicial system, the institute is seeking warrants for individuals committing Treason through state and local prosecution, sequestered grand jury and the supreme court judiciary that has the authority through a mirrored treason state code found in O.C.G.A 16-11-1 of the GEORGIA CODE ANNOTATED.

The nexus For jurisdiction is the riots committed within the territorial boundaries of Atlanta In the State Of Georgia. The Perpetrators and Co-Conspirators are resident citizens of other state venues within the United States.

To Be Continued AS THINGS UNFOLD! (More To Come Under Construction 30 Plus Website Platforms AS IF Television Channeling The TRUTH Without Social Media Giant Interference.


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