X 22 Report is the real Q mockingbird of POTUS TRUMP and the Alliance.

Q Has Been Compromised From The Beginning, However, A Democrat Provocateur Rham Emanuel Once Said, " Never let a good crisis go to waste."


X22 REPORT, Fills In The Gaps Where Q Arrives Short In His Plans To Make America Great Again.


The Institute Highly Recommends That You Tune Into MIKE'S Daily SHOW, X 22 REPORT On The Financial, Political And Geo Political Status.

The Institute Has Dedicated This Channel To Our Followers On Mike's Recent Reports Since The Deep State CoVid -19 Pandemic 911 HOAX SCARE.

A Planned Economic Collapse By The Deep State Has Been Turned Against Them, POTUS Is In Control Against Rothschild Federal Reserve, Enjoy The Show And Your Stimulus Package To Protect You. Yes TRUMP Is SAUL IN THE BIBLE.

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