What If, You Could Predict This Current Election Between The TRUMP vs BIDEN Presidential Election.

The Institute In 2016 Reached Out To The Pagan Astrologist, Gypsie Card Readers, Tarot Readers, Runes Readers And Many More Christian Taboo Prognosticators As If The Witch Of Endor Conjured Up To Summon The Prophet Samuel From Sheol For King Saul, In Which He Felt That His Throne Was Under Threat Of An Over Throw Through War And GODS Hedge Of Thorns Protection Removed.         (1 Samuel 28:3-25 KJV)

Right Or Wrong, Good Bad Or Indifferent, The Institute Receive Predictions That Hillary Clinton Will Win The 2016 Election. Excepting One Astrologist That Got It Right On Trump's Natal & Progressive Chart.

An Odd Ball Technological Geek, GIAN PAOLO DICOCCO, A Genius In His Right In Multiple Subjects Including An Embalmer Trainee Studying To Be A Doctor, But Washed Out.


After His Predictions About Our Country As Wells As The Health Of POTUS And Hillary Clinton. His Peers Launched An All Out Attack Upon His Creditability And His Character. DICOCCO Has Went Through A Troublous Time For Over Three Years. He Withdrew From YouTube And His Readying Were Spot On, The Institute Preserved His Readings, But Veimo Attempted To Silence The Institutes Voices Of Over 1000 Achieved Video Tapes Stored On Their Platform For Five Years At The Tune Of 200.00 A Year.

Have No Fear, The Institute Knew That These Video Predictions Would Come Under Attack By The Deep State For Destruction.


The Institute Created A DEAD MANS SWITCH To Preserve These Videos For This Time In History, Before You Watch Them In Their Chronological Entirety. Hear From The Prognosticator Dr. D (Nickname Of Gian Paolo DiCocco).


August 10, 2020

2016 Trump Victory Against Hillary October 23, 2016

2020 Comparison To 2016 Trump Victory Against Biden Vs Hillary

October 06, 2020

2020 Comparison To BIDEN Vs HARRIS

August 12, 2020


What If, Hillary Rodham Clinton AKA Isabel Maxwell AKA... Died During The 2016 Elections And What If, Hillary Clinton Has A Twin Sister That Finished The 2016 Elections. This Is Why They Cheated There Asses Off To Complete The Presidential Elections.

Hillary Clinton Dropped DEAD By Strangulation As She Was Forced Inside The Van Converted Ambulance.

Her Twin Sister Lynn Forester Stein De Rothschild AKA Christine Maxwell AKA...

Afterwards Christine Maxwell Entered The 2016 Presidential Election.

  • CNN Donna Brazile Exposed In Giving The Questions Ahead Of The Presidential Debate.

  • Hillary Was Suspicioned In The Town Hall In Having An Ear Piece Inside Her Ear.

You Could Predict The 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION

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