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Primary Members Of The Luksic Craig Abaroa Fontbona Family Have Been Discovered In Participating In A Manufactured Domestic Terrorism Sanctioned By Members Of Congress And Senate, The Department Of The Defense, State Of Florida Governor, Ron Desantis, Florida Department Of Law Enforcement, Escambia County Sheriff's Office, County EMS Ambulance Service, Escambia And NAS Fire Departments, NCIS, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, The Department Of Justice And POTUS.

The Saudi Arabian Government Is Also Duplicitous In This HOAX.

You Have Been Introduced To The Primary Players In The Press Conference, You Have Heard From Sheriff Morgan Stresses That We Must TRUST Him And The Reality Movie Of An Allege Saudi Renegade Shooting Of Americans, Why Didn't He Shoot Some Saudi's Training At NAS Classroom?

This Was One Of Many Questions That Went Through My Mind, As Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan Says Trust Him. Before This Blog Is Finished You Will Understand Why We Must Never Trust Any Government, Due To It's Ability To Be Weaponized Against "We The People..." And The RULE OF LAW (Constitution).

This Is What Happened At The Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida. In Making Matters Worse This Whole HOAX Was Ran By Known DRUG CARTEL Family Members Sanctioned Or Indicted By The United States Justice Department And The State Department.

These Are The Following Family Members That Participated In The NAS Pensacola HOAX:

This Is An Indication That The Deep State Is In Its Last Gasp, Due To Revealing The Deepest Undercover Provocateurs That Spells Committing The Most Serious Of Crimes That Will Be Either A Death Sentence Or A Long Jail Term Of Twenty Years.

Namely The Following Have Committed The Crime Of High Treason:

The Base Commander, Captain Tim Kinsella AKA As Gullermo Luksic Craig Holds The Deepest Of Secrecy As A Treasonous Bastard (SEE CONGRESSMAN ADAM SCHIFF EXPOSED).

This is Due To His Involvement To Conspire To Impeach The President Through The Russian And Ukraine Impeachment Scandal With His Co Conspirators Brother Andronico Luksic AKA Senator Mike Rounds And His Son Nicolas Luksic Craig AKA Senator John Thune And His Other Brother Jean Paul Luksic Craig Fontbona AKA NY Congressman Tom Nuzzio Along With King Philippe Of Belgium AKA SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts And His Wife, Sister Of Hillary Clinton, Christine Maxwell AKA Consort Queen Mathilde Of Belgium AKA

This Is While Holding A Congressional Chairmanship As Adam Schiff In The Intelligence Select Committee, He As A Member Of A Known Family Of Chilean Drug Traffickers Along With Suspicion In Human, Organ And child Trafficking.



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