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It has been discovered through the institute's intelligence sources that the test kits, in which replaced the allege faulty test kits by the Center Disease Control and Administration Of Health and Human Services have been infused with the CoVid 19 virus AKA SAR-2, Engineered In Fort Detrick Maryland Inside The Labs Of The U.S. Army (Deep State Department Of Defense). The Dark Souls Are Sitting On The Corona Virus Task Force. See Fort Dietrick Black Projects.

This was the first of many moves by the DEEP STATE operatives to push the Food And Drug Administration To use alternative test kits. HERE IS LOGIC> It began on or about March 13th, 2020.

"On Saturday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said his state would immediately begin using its own test kit developed in-state after asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday for permission to do so.

'The FDA said on Saturday it would allow some laboratories to immediately use tests they have developed and validated to achieve more rapid testing capacity for the corona virus.

On Sunday, New York confirmed its first case of corona virus." coincidence or convenience?

Sounds like a legit request, but WHAT IF Governor Andrew Coumo is not who he claims to be and is related to George Soros, Matter of facts, he is the son of George Soros, Robert Daniel Soros AKA Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin AKA Author that wrote the POTUS hit piece, unauthorized biography titled, Fire and Fury, Inside The Whitehouse, in which POTUS denies the validity in what was written about him.

Before the conspiracy is unraveled, a background and a revealing of the Deep State operative behind the Pandemic in the United States that are directly involved as governors, mayors, pharmaceutical owners, stockholders, lab testing manufactures, CDC, FDA, HHS, DHS, DOD, SCOTUS, Congress, Senate and unregistered foreign nationals.

Here is the proof:

Coumo alleged (Divorced), AKA married Steven Mnuchin and married Robert Daniel Soros AKA single Peter Soros AKA Joe Scarborough are in relationship to the same women with children, but they are known by different sir names in the relationships and marriages.

Ponder for a moment, 4 men withe same women and then this happens, Mexican President Andreas Manuel Oberdor has the same wife and Senator Richard Burr has the same wife or does he?

Read: Deep State Body Politic With Multiple Wives.

Some of the test kits are safe, but the tainted random test kits developed and shipped by Roche Labs has alleged exponentially increased the number of cases in the United States. Why?

Since the first 400,000 kits ordered and delivered to the government for distribution by HHS And CDC. This is why the virus has spread at such a rapid pace into the infected populace within the United States borders.

The President has been WARN through his website of the possible DEEP STATE tampering with the Recent test kits developed by Roche Laboratories. Roche is delivering 400,000 test kits a week since the FDA granted a green light to Roche.

Why is this so significant, since the intel was received by our intelligence sources, the institute launched an investigation in who is involved in this DEEP STATE operation. It turns out to be the same culprits, in which the institute has been trailing since the SANDY HOOK MASSACRE HOAX.

Logic tells the institute, something is rotten in Denmark, when this outbreak was contained by POTUS, Donald J. Trump (DJT) in his actions taken from day one in preventing the spread of the virus, after knowledge of the Whun China Outbreak.

In the opinion of the institute, the intel received by our intelligence source is creditable and true. When you add up all the coincidences and facts the in this premise is solid enough for a GRAND JURY to launch an investigation into the United States Pandemic Conspiracy backed by credible visual forensic evidence developed by the institute, through, old fashion investigative techniques and a new visual forensic science established by the institute in gathering the pictures in the wild (Internet Pictures) on persons of interest (POI). The new found science is called Psyco Psyopology.

Here Is Our Proof:

Sadly, DJT mustered up a suggested Covid 19 Task Force, all those on the board including Vice President Michael Pence are DEEP STATE Operatives, here at this moment in history, these operatives are out to destroy the American Economy and / or destroy and weaken the 2020 presidential election to remove apparently the DEEP STATE'S Arch Enemy DJT,

Even some of his immediate family are embedded to create failure in the Administration of the 45th President of The United States, while the sixteen year plan continue forward.

Part of the plan is to destroy our economy, starve and enslave "We the People..." Within the first three years of DJT's Deep State Administration they have succeeded in 6 of the bucket list left for the alleged Hillary Clinton to accomplish to bring Globalism to a country near you.

"We The People..." finds our lives caught up in this pandemic hoax as another 911 where the innocent are murdered, excepting this time many more will be murdered. In both instances the real numbers of deaths are less than reported, but if you are tested then you will get the virus or NOT.

This is what happens, when you are tested positive. Moreover, it is a process that at anytime your immune system can kick in to destroy the virus.

IF NOT, this is your prognosis to get better under medical quarantine.

Now, you know what to expect. It is your choice to be tested, the institute advises you as the reader not to let anyone administer this Covid 19 test to you or your family.

Let's continue with the proof why you should not be tested.

Here is food for thought in getting tested or a some type of vaccine considered in the future.

This time its a little different, if "we The People..." don't say NO then out of fear, we will surrender to the DEEP STATE to be enslaved and starved for a trade off to safety and welfare. Hello Bernie Sanders to your platform of a socialistic communist agenda.

What if our governments very cabinet positions inside the offices of the HHS, DOD, and DHS are ran by the same person. Once again he too has the same wife in all three pseudo Sir names.

Meet HHS Secretary, Alex Azar AKA DOD Secretary, Mark Espers and AKA DHS, Secretary Chad Wolf Is HUNTER BIDEN AKA Prince Amedeo Of Belgium AKA alleged deceased John F. Kennedy Jr. AKA the son of 2020 Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

POTUS has slowed this plan down while battling the DEEP STATE'S intelligence community ability to destroy anyone or anything that gets into their path.

The Deep State vowed to destroy DJT through the intelligence community.

This was conveyed by Chuck Schumer AKA Satanist High Priest of the Temple Of Set, Retired Col. Michael Aquino AKA...

Remember the Impeachment Conspiracy against DJT, well DJT, you asked the question, "Where In The Hell Is Hunter Biden?" DJT, He has never been far away from you, matter of fact he was so close that you could have kissed his ass, if you turned around at one of your Whitehouse meetings or when you shook his hand, you could have given him a kiss. Meet your good friend Congressman Michael McCaul AKA Hunter Biden, Alex Azar, Mark Esper, Chad Wolf, Jason Crow, and John F. Kennedy Jr.; All rolled into one.

None of the Biden's will ever be prosecuted in the Ukraine or else where, the Deep State Belgium families as Unregistered Foreign Agents must be arrested as spies and executed for treason.

DJT was not to win the 2016 election, in the opinion of the institute, he attempted multiple times to loose the election, but GOD the FATHER had another path for him to take as if Saul reincarnated as Paul.

Who is Joe Biden? Ole Joe has a history as a Kennedy, along with his brothers alleged deceased John F Kennedy Sr. AKA King Albert II of Belgium.

King Albert II Of Belgium is the cousin of 1st cousin of Joe Biden AKA alleged Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.. His brothers, alleged deceased Bobby Kennedy AKA Charles Biden. Biden other brother. Frank Biden is the alleged deceased Ted Kennedy AKA Senator John Cronan AKA alleged deceased Senator John McCain.

John F. Kennedy Jr. is not alleged deceased John F. Kennedy Sr. son, alleged deceased JFK Jr. is the nephew of alleged decease John F. Kennedy Sr.AKA King Albert II Of Belgium AKA Bernie Sanders AKA Evelyn De Rothschild.

We must pray for our president, he is in grave danger of assassination.


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