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It seem like conspiracy theory or maybe an Orwellian novel, but If the facts that you are about to see, read and hear, just maybe we are living the Deep State's 16 year plan from OBAMA to ? without Hillary Clinton at the helm of the Deep State Pirate Ship.

They are hell bent in reducing the population, first the old, mentally ill, sickly and then "We the People..." How could they pull this off without waking up over 400 million guns behind the constitutional militia, in which I might add are already geared up to fight for their inalienable rights for life, liberty and freedom.

Moreover, a militias intelligence apparatus must be a viable source of qualified and verified information. but there is one source that the militia must have in identifying the Deep State operatives and their alias to be effective in eradicating the invisible enemy (Bio Terrorism) by exposing the engineers tampering with GOD'S natural state of physiology and Immunology.

The Citizen Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a visual forensic investigative body taking a person of interest (POI) from the faces of the wild (internet) and develops a visual profile of that POI.

The POI Is first connected to a database consisting of family members, business associates, oligarch ancestry and multiple associates or duplication in bio-metric measurements of alias harboring pseudo names in local, state, federal government, Judiciary, Law Enforcement, Military and members of the House Of Saxe Coberg GOTHA (Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Portugal, and United Kingdom) database.

These POI'S are hiding inside, sir names of prominent families, in which many times are alias sir names liking to Schiff, Sessions, Soros, Kennedy, Inhofe, Rhoden, Sanders, Biden, Fauci, Brixt, Pelosi, Coumo, Romney, Schumer, Bush, Waters, Buchetto, Bezos, McCain, etc etc

Sadly, the elite are not who they claim to be, over a period of years the Deep State has established a way to adopt alias legally by the following:

This is accomplished by incorporating a DEAD MAN SWITCH, in which is possessed by all senior fellows as retired intelligence, political scientist, politicians and an army of militia leaders as members of the Institute Of Intelligence Groups And International Politics (IGIP).

IGIP greatest source is digital soldiers on the front lines of possibilities in confronting and exposing the invisible enemy, the Deep State and her Operatives that work in the shadows to over throw our republic through home grown terrorism, currently the Deep State holds all the cards in this Plandemic, in which has put our republic in shock, at least that is what they think.

In example let's explore this big mouth New York Governor Andrew Coumo, in which has been plotting to take down POTUS and his family, why and how? Who Is Andrew Coumo? Could Andrew Coumo Be Deep State? Could He Be Duplicitous In This Corona Virus Plandemic. See New York Governor Andrew Coumo Exposed As George Soro's Son.



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