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Institute Of Intelligence Groups & Int'l Politics Has Come Across An Article That Opens Up The Reason Why Covid-19 Is A Bio Weapon Here To Stay, If The Below Culprits Are Not Reeled In By A Grand Jury Investigation.

This Conspiracy To Impeach The President Through Another Congressional Investigation Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, Below The Surface Is A More Sinister Plot To Over Throw Our Republic Using The Roots Of The Likes Of Anthony Fauci AKA James Mountain Inhofe II AKA... , Bill Gates AKA Tom Steyer AKA..., Bill Clinton AKA Mayer James De Rothschild, Barack Obama AKA Billy Bush AKA..., And George Soros AKA Russian Col. Vladimir Palicka AKA... In A Plan Concocted By The Globalist. This Plan Has Even Perpetuated, While TRUMP Has Been In Office. Not The Plans Circled In Yellow, Their Plan Has Almost Succeeded Without Hillary Clinton, WHY?

Learn More About The Plandemic Video Series In Fake News Obituary, Moment Of Truth News Reel, The Conspiracy To Impeach The President.

Through This Published Article Written By The Great Game India, Journal On Geopolitics & Int'l Relations Will Give You The Total Skinny In Hoe Bill Gates, George Soros And Bill Clinton Are The Benefactors In The Covid-19, Vaccine And Cure Plus The Big Bonus Remove POTUS By Default Either By Impeachment, Assassination, Or a Rigged Election Through This Plandemic.

"Coronavirus & The Deep State – UNITAID, Gilead Sciences & WuXi AppTech

By GreatGameIndia April 18, 2020

Why Has Fauci Created A Direct Attack Against A Cheap Alternative To Ventilator Treatment. Does Fauci Ha A Financial Interest In A Product He Has Been Pushing For Years That Has Failed In Clinical Trials, Why Remdesivir Now?


"Developed a decade ago, this drug failed in clinical trials against Ebola in 2014. But it was found to be generally safe in people. Research with MERS showed that the drug blocked the virus from replicating.

'In April, it was being tested in five COVID-19 clinical trials from a Trusted Source. The first results weren’t encouraging. In mid-April, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported that the drug produced no noticeable benefits in patients at veterans’ hospitals. They also noted that the death rate among this group was higher than among patients who were given standard medical care.

'In late April, Gilead Sciences announced one of its trials had been “terminated” due to low enrollment. Gilead officials said the results of that trial had been “inconclusive” when it was ended.

'A few days later, the company announced that another trial of Remdesivir overseen by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had “met its primary endpoint.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci , National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.; the institute’s director, told reporters the trial produced a “clear cut positive effect in diminishing time to recover.” He said people taking the drug recovered from COVID-19 in 11 days compared to 15 days to people who didn’t take Remdesivir. More details will be released after the trial is peer reviewed and published.

At the same time, another study in the Lancet published and reported that participants in a clinical trial who took Remdesivir showed no benefits compared to people who took a placebo.


Despite the conflicting results, the FDA reportedly issues an emergency approval On May 1st, 2020 for The Emergency use of Remdesivir"

The FDA Director Is Dr Stephen Hahn MD



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