Institute Discloses Letter Of Urgency To The Attorney General of The United States, William Barr

The leadership of the DOJ and the FBI along with the puppet master Herbert Walker Bush’s CIA assets John Brennan AKA Mark Fitler Rockefeller and Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro Rockefeller are directly involved and are behind the malicious conspiracy to Impeach the President through a secret societal socialist conclave called the Senior Executive Services, a weaponize unionized deep state civil service of who is who needed to further the deep state’s agenda toward a globalist society without borders and worse.

and discloses to him a conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected government of the 45th administration of Donald J. Trump. Through a new founded forensic science called Psycopsyopology science.

Visual forensics through the faces in the wild (internet images found in the search engines through out articles created by the mainstream fake news media along with social media including YouTube but not limited to Viemo (Corrupt Cloud Storage Site) owned by the crowd funding sites, like Go Fund Me, controlled by the same ownership not limited to Pay Pal (Payer operated and controlled by the Chinese Republic Of China).

Psycopsyopology identifies persons of interest through bio metrics, anthropological identifications, speech, scars. tattoos, physical anomalies, disabilities, immediate and in law families identification, and but not limited to the autonomic smile never changes from birth to death.

These visual forensics and others forensic tells identifies the straw man conspirators and co-conspirators in violating 18 USC 2381, 2382, 2383, 2384, 2385, in which are within the government of all alphabet agencies, including Barr's Department Of Justice, congress, senate, SCOTUS, judiciary whether federal, state or local, law enforcement whether federal, state and local law including but not limited to deceased civil rights activist, celebrities, victims of mass shootings, police officers, military, kidnapped victims.

All of our blogs free or for subscription will lead off with the letter addressed to William Barr disclosing him our findings excepting that all visual evidence will not accompany the letter. The DOJ will subscribe to the channel to see the evidence or they will issue a duly struck subpoena Ducus Tecum (A subpoena duces tecum is a type of subpoena that requires the witness to produce a document or documents pertinent to a proceeding issued by a clerk of court, whether federal, state or local. The judge appointed by the clerk will be forensically vetted by the institute before appearance).

This initial letter to AG Bill Barr is free of charge to help you as potential subscribers, whether peace meal one time fees, monthly or annual subscription.

The institute is self supporting, no tech giant, wall street or consumer advertising is found on our sites. Any third party advertising is selective and a fee has been collected by the institute.

Any other solicitation is initiated by the institute and collected donations are deposited through Pay Pal on behalf of the institute. Sadly, you can see even our independent site is servant to the devil's communist payer.

Sometimes, we as righteous people can not wrap around in logic, why should I donate to the devils works i.e. Pay Pal to a righteous brother? The institute could scriptural justify the reasons why you should consider donating and/or subscribe for raw visual forensic TRUTHS along with journalistic investigative integrity. However, we are not here to preach but to teach you a new found science that discloses those that hide in sir named famous families, here is an example. The unregistered foreign agent of Belgium and the owner of the payer of Pay Pal, Go Fund Me, Co Owner Patreon, Twitter and beyond i.e. Google and Facebook owner. Mark Zuckerberg AKA.. front for Belgium's King Philippe and his father abdicated King Albert II AKA Deceased John F. Kennedy Sr. AKA...

Jack Dorsey AKA Pete Butigig ran for president in 2020 and will be part of Biden's AKA Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr AKA... transition cabinet ; do you recognize anyone?

If the judge is a person of interest, the subpoena will become an adversarial action based upon the Psycopsyopology visual forensics in which may become evidence in demanding the judge to recuse himself due to bias but not limited to a member of a judiciary star chamber (selected corrupt trier of fact and/or law, presiding as either a trier of law or administrative law judge (ALJ).

If a foreman or foreperson of a GRAND JURY (Peoples Panel) on court stationary request our evidence on a person of interest. The evidence will be delivered to the requester at no charge or required subscription. All of our material is copyright under the following:

September 11, 2020

Department Of Justice

Attorney General William Barr

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Ref: Conspiracy To Overthrow The Duly Elected 45th Government


Greetings Attorney General William Barr,

Our President has been set up for Impeachment or worse. The Institute of Intelligence Groups and International Politics (institute) and the Citizen Intelligence Agency has the “Visual Forensic Evidence” to prove that Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller, Wray and Bush are in conspiracy with Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to maliciously impeach the president or assassinate. They are in the initial phases to frame, impeach, try and remove or in the opinion of the institute to assassinate the president.

The leadership of the DOJ and the FBI along with the puppet master Herbert Walker Bush’s CIA assets John Brennan AKA Mark Fitler Rockefeller and Barak Obama AKA Barry Soetoro Rockefeller are directly involved and are behind the malicious conspiracy to Impeach the President through a secret societal socialist conclave called the Senior Executive Services, a weaponize unionized deep state civil service of who is who needed to further the deep state’s agenda toward a globalist society without borders and worse.

Our forensic investigation findings are from a five-year investigation that started at the Sandy Hook Massacre HOAX. The institute stands by its findings and forensic evidence from the internet’s faces of the wild as being 99.5% accurate, plus or minus 3 percent accuracy in an ongoing investigation of persons of interest (POI) found in the “Faces in The Wild.” It is in its 6th year of success in visually ferreting out POI’S in the Senior Executive Services (SES) deep state.

In Washington D.C., No one is who they claim to be, but GOD the FATHER has granted our institute and other global forensic fellows a divine gift in professional forensics to visually, ancestrally and bio-metrically identify POI’S through the “Faces in The Wild.”

Using facial recognition and bio-metric anomalies, scars and tattoos identification exposes those POI’S who claimed to be one person, in visual forensic facts they are another.

Sometimes these individuals are holding more than one seat of power, while in plain sight from another country claiming to be another person or an American citizen, when in facts under federal code they are considered spies and espionage agents supporting and giving aid to our enemies of our republic.

Mr. Nunes, You may be a bad guy, however, currently you are not a person of interest at this time in this conspiracy to impeach the president. Our institute has examined thousands of faces in the wild referencing you and your family. Currently we have found nothing that causes the institute to focus upon you as a bad guy in the current investigation, however, you do not bear your birth name in politics, it is sad that “We the People…” can’t trust our government leadership.

The institute has produced a copyright series of videos called "Fake News Obituary, Moment of Truth News Reel (Series)." This series visually lays out in detail everything discussed in this letter including the letter written to you as the Chairman of The Congressional Intelligence Select Committee plus copies of the letter have been distributed to those select members in the media, Senate, Congress, judiciary. attorneys, and the White House, including local authorities investigating the possibility in convening a grand jury and selective media Press Releases, along with local media, in which are investigating our information.

Pursuant to

This is an ongoing global assisted project that will continue in revealing the TRUTH in conspiracies that the main stream media refuses to acknowledge or covers up and the public are not aware of how different politics are on a global scale. Currently this letter deals directly with the Conspiracy To Impeach our republics president.

The institute’s senior fellows highly recommend anyone that reads this letter by a physical copy furnished to you or sees the letter by video or internet to subscribe or rent each video in our monthly news reel series or if privileged to a private screening. In each series title, it will boggle the mind and cause you to see global politic reality for what it isn’t or what it is, until it is or isn’t.

The institute of Intelligence Groups & International Politics started in 2013 profiling and documenting the villains and victims of mass shootings, manufactured domestic terrorist, historical disaster events, and much more in events of infamy that within two decades, our government has perpetrated multiple HOAXES in mass shootings using manufactured domestic terrorism in schools of learning and public venues, in which has put a bulls eye against our second amendment, due process and equal protection of the Rule of Law.

The institute as a think tank in forensic reporting and identifying mass fake news shootings and shooters, bombings and bombers by creating allege domestic terrorism disquieted as FEMA training drills, in which has gone alive to perpetuate a HOAX and monitor psychological reactive data from the people as a collective in our nations demographics.

It has brought front and center of who, what, how, why, when, where and how much credibility can "We The People..." depend on the propaganda spouting by mainstream media and government involvement in these questionable infamous events.

Under our study that launched 7 years ago called Fake News Obituary Series Channel, this study tackles the main stream medias slanted truths that are nothing but lies with small amounts of truth, in which "if you have a handful of truth and you put one lie into the handful of truth then all of it becomes lies."

This project in the Fake News Obituary inquisition and institute study has perpetuated into a viable visual forensic journalistic tool, in which has exposed multiple Persons of interest that have crippled the Deep State's freedom to stay hid from "We The People..."

The institute's visual forensic investigations into government corruption and their justification in spouting and printing slanted truth lies, this is an oxymoron created as slanted propaganda in main stream media stories. It has brought front and center in 2020 the real reason for this justice crowd funding.

All Tech Giant Media are owned and controlled by this Belgium family, in which is directly duplicitous in the Covid-19 Plandemic with co-conspirator China (Deep State Dark Site) as the catalyst that global spreader of the virus, infecting the masses with tainted virus test kits, impregnated randomly with the virus that has HIV attach to the strain.

This is very disturbing, when you discover three primary talking heads as the China Corona Virus. (See Subscription Plandemic Lies Matter)

Who are they in our reality as another person? Once you discover who these people are, you will not believe anything that came out of their lying mouth as they deal with Covid-19, especially, Anthony Fauci AKA Hollywood Actor Joe Pesci AKA Author Bob Woodward. (See Subscription Fauci Lies Matter )

The Deep State are propagandizing main stream media to fit a political, national security and/or religious ideology or atheistic narrative and/or point of view (POV) targeting certain groups, in which are geologically and demographically created by the government and others in Federal law enforcement, Department Of Justice, Federal Bureau Of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department and the Department Of Home Land Security.

How is this possible? The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 has changed our way at accepting main stream media narratives.This legal Act Is Called the "Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which was contained within the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (section 1078 (a)) amended the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987, allowing for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to publish and communicate through main stream media's fake news propaganda, in which is available and broadcast within the borders of the United States. Picked up by some not all alternative media as creditable intelligence, when in facts it is government and deep state propaganda.

This has opened a can of worms of Anarchy and Socialist Communist ideology liking to Pandora's box springing open without a way to close it back, because the deep state owns and controls the Broadcasting Board of Governors and has given main stream media the legal right to launch an all out war of words against the Alt Right and "We The People..." without oversight to broadcast fake news stories due to the renegade cable industry and tech giants without oversight from the federal government.

The main stream media embellishes truth that incorporates lies into the meat of the news Headline and story content to fit a quasi truth stereotypical mold of creditable information without verification and giving government orchestrated FAKE NEWS a pass.

It gives creditably to government manufactured terrorism orchestrated by federal, state and local government liking to the alphabet agencies that appear on scene in state or local events DHS, FBI, FDLE, CIA, DOJ, DHS, ATF and others too numerous to mention. Why? It is because of this imaginary boogie man called domestic and foreign terrorist is pushed by the DHS And FEMA.

This is the reason that the institute formed in 2013, after the December 14, 2012 mass shooting HOAX at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in New town Connecticut, where no one died including the allege shooter.

There was something fishy about the precision in the allege mass shooting at Sandy Hook by a deceased lone gunman according to the Social Security Death Index died a day earlier on the 13th of December, how does a dead man kill 26 people at the school and he mysteriously executed his mother at another location that smelt of a set up crime scene?

Once an opportunity came available by the institute to put boots on the ground in the epicenter of the Sandy Hook HOAX and a senior fellow member that lived in the Sandy Hook area for over 20 years, he began to connect the dots with a team of investigators in who the players that were involved in the HOAX and the intimidation of those that was not a participant. The resident participants of the Sandy Hook HOAX are oligarchs and alphabet intelligence government employees plus Hollywood And Music industry that permeate the New Town area. Their Bounty was Homes purchased or previously owned were secretly paid off on December 25, 2012. Yes, another scheme in rewarding those involved in a false flag is part of the Deep State's playbook in rewarding and secretly paying off the players in the false flag operation.

A prime example is the son of a family that flies under the radar, but they has stepped on the wrong toes. The institute's director has been investigating this family for a future prepared law suit to be filed soon, where this family wrecked havoc on the director in his twitter, facebook, and viemo account, where over over

forensics in bio metrics, ancestral relationship, anthropological traits and the typical height, weight, ears, palm and digit identification along with much more too numerous to list.

Moreover, the institute listed some prime identification techniques in identifying a person of interest and his alias'.

The following five pages will give you an opportunity to identify those persons of interest that you may want to delve further after the institute proves its credibility in our new found science:

"The Operation Got It's Sea Legs In Building An Exhaustive Database of Videos Removed By YouTube, Collected Faces in the Wild, Investigation Reports and Case Files and Various Documented Evidentiary Files In the 2016 Dallas Police Shooting

This Operation Got It's First Break In Tying Local Law Enforcement Charades Against the Black Cabal Pushing The Race Card Attacking Police During A Black Lives Matter Demonstration.
Last But Not Least the Attack Against The Second Amendment Was Exaggerated In This CSBN Footage, Explained Below In The Footage

After The Air Cleared, The HUGHES Brothers Sued The Dallas Police Department.

More Various Manufactured Domestic Terrorist Operations Conducted By The Local Law Enforcement, DHS and the FBI Began Our Proven Theory In 452 Law Enforcement Agencies has been taken over by the Belgians, Kings, Rothschild, Clinton and Many In laws committing Crimes As Allege Shooters And Then The Victim In Certain Circumstances Were Identified As Federal and Law Enforcement Officers.
Various Police Shootings Are False as Well, The 2016 Dallas Police Shooting is A Prime Example In Bringing This Front and Center."

In 2019, the institute discovered 452 law enforcement agencies participate in the 2018 Police lip sync challenge. Our forensic investigators collected all 452 challenges for keepsake in our theory that the various police shootings in different municipalities were inside jobs, in which Tunnel for Towers had awarded to the deceased officers widows a paid for mortgage or home. Suspicions but no proof, up until our hunch payed off, in which the institute has discovered monumental action of fraud and RICO, in which Tunnel for Towers Charity Foundation is duplicitous with knowledge as a money laundering operation raising money to defraud "We the People..." with fake police shooting and the very hero of the brother has been killed multiple times as various police officers. The most recent was the NJ Shooting

Remember the shooter, deceased Micha Johnson in the July 7, 2016 Dallas Police Shooting. He is alive as an East Haven Connecticut Police Officer discovered in the East Haven Connecticut

Police Lip Sync Challenge Video


Remember The Black Activist, Corey Hughes, the Brother, Mark Hughes the AK-47 Carrier In Mistaken Identity As The Shooter in the CSBN Footage, the night of the shooting along with Micah Johnson AKA Lt. Murgo are discovered in news footage, both working inside the same East Haven Connecticut Police Department.

What Do You Think, Maybe This Is The Icing On The Cake.

SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts headed by King Philippe of Belgium AKA Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe AKA deceased Senator John Mc Cain has created a judges star chamber and has/is participating in decisions that are reshaping our republic and constitution.This star chamber is a federal circuit that has reshaped the judiciary as "Judge Roy Bean's Kangaroo Court."

However, since the Orlando Zimmerman, Lacey Peterson Trial and Katy Anthony Trials, Roberts and his henchman Belgian family and in laws has even rigged juries, grand juries and mock trials to shape society with lawyers with fake and pseudo names claiming certification by ivy league colleges, in which these allege professionals have never grace the halls with their presence.

This operation was launched after the allege killing of George Floyd. A pattern of the victims and the shooters along with complicit local government mayors plus DA office, law enforcement and the medical examiner creates a cocoon to pull off bunko crimes that dupes the republic, while the media gaslights the public to incite race rioting before the 2020 elections in which creates racial divide among "We the People..."

Even the Governors, state law enforcement and sometimes federal DHS or/and FBI are duplicitous in these crimes of insurance fraud by suing municipalities for victims using open specific attorneys, using open casket funerals to convince the masses with nationwide funeral homes owned by this Belgium crime syndicate

I know you have wondered why Senator Jim Inhofe was the only Senator not present at the swearing in for POTUS'S impeachment trial. Now you know why, but wait institute he was sworn in the next day. True, but ask yourself why Inhofe? This is why?

Roberts AKA Senator Inhofe AKA... has created a judge's star chamber as a federal circuit that has reshaped the judiciary as "Judge Roy Bean's Kangaroo Court." However, since the Orlando Zimmerman, Lacey Peterson Trial and Katie Anthony Trials, he has even rigged juries, grand juries and mock trials to shape society with lawyers with fake and pseudo names claiming certification by ivy league colleges, in which these allege professionals have never grace the halls with their presence.

Local judges strategically placed or flown into complete the mock (fake) trial with a jury hand pick for their verdict. Prosecution is where the ultimate BUNKO gets a monumental boost in electing for office sheriff and district attorneys prosecuting a lark in a miscarriage of justice, in which are filled with corrupt Rothschild, Belgians and Martin Luther King's (Alive: see monthly subscription at www. siblings, children and in law family members.

Here, is a fresh example Michael Cohen, a " oconus lure" (spy by invitation of FBI) along with the "Rothschild Belgians DC Judges Star Chamber, Michael Cohen has skeletons in his closet as a Russian and the parent the boys as the Boston Bombers and his daughter married to Michael Avanatti Esquire, a Russian Ukrainian "oconus lure" son of Ukrainian President Petro Yuschenko.

45th's POTUS former "Fixer" attorney Michael Cohn that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that all the prosecutions conducted by this judge and others is tainted due to the judges qualifications tainted as a defrocked Michigan Judge, two different people as sitting judges in New York City prosecuting the Special Investigation Into the Russian Influence in the 2016 elections.

Meet the DISHONORABLE District Court Judge KIMBA WOOD AKA Deceased Astronaut Sharon "Crista" McCauliffe AKA Sharon McAuliffe AKA Molly De Ann Clinton AKA New York DC Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

DISHONORABLE District Court Amy Berman Jackson AKA DC Judge Kimba Wood AKA Diane Hathaway.

Who are we speaking of in total convictions and decisions from February 13, 2013 retroactive January 29, 2013 are void on its face of the record, Michigan Supreme Court Judge Diane Hathaway AKA Judge Kimba Wood AKA Amy Berman Jackson is disqualified hearing, deciding or ordering any judicial actions, civil or criminal. "You Be The Judge."

It also to note that the Muller Special prosecutor, Andrew Weissman AKA Thomas Mc Auliffe directly involved as prosecutor presentation to the Grand Jury is disqualified to prosecute any of the defendants caught up in the Russian Influence In The 2016 Elections, including Michael Flynn because he is related to the judge as the brother in law of Thomas Mc Auliffe

Why you ask? Conflict of Interest and Prosecutorial Misconduct as DOJ U.S. Prosecutor Andrew Weissman Under 28 CFR 45.2.

Weissman related Mc Auliffe AKA Wood, Hathaway and Jackson's brother in law and his brother in law Former President Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Rodham Clinton AKA Kelsy Bush. Mueller is the uncle of Hillary Clinton.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, he too had a major conflict of interest on the face of the record as the father in law of FBI Counsel Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer is his wife, both related on the Mueller DOJ Prosecution Team. Therefore, personal relationship disqualified Mueller, Mueller's Daughter AKA Cynthia Mueller Donley and her husband Chris Donley.

People we have been oh so duped that justice does not prevail in our democratic republic. It is a nightmare, because "You Have To Be Asleep To Believe It."

George Carlin describes our current America in today's DNC socialist communist concept created by the Belgians AKA a integral part of the Rothschild tentacles in American Politics.

"We the People..." have elected a flawed champion labeled as our current 45th Duly elected government has stepped up and has given "We the People..." a taste of the good life and a chance to preserve the past American Way of Life called the American Dream.

"WARNING: Contains Explicit Colorful Profanity

In one of the bunko operations pulled off in Lacey, Washington, federal U.S. Marshal's office is involved along with the Lacey Chief of Police. (See Monthly Subscription "Lies Matter Channel."

The institute will lay out this letter in its entirety including visual forensic evidence charging those involved and others duplicitous in 18 USC 2381 thru 2385

September 5, 2020

U.S. Department of Justice

Office Of The Attorney General

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001

Attention: AG William Pelham Barr

Mr. Barr, this letter is being sent to you at the utmost urgency to save our republic from a

16 year planned takeover after Hillary Clinton's rigged election as our 45th duly elected government failed to materialize, in which the plan is in its last stages to dissolve our constitution and the rule of law before war.

Hillary Clinton as we know her is clinically dead after the September 11, 2016 Twin Towers Ceremony, she dropped dead in front of GOD and her handlers.

Who finished the 2016 Elections? Hillary has a twin sister that finished the 2016 presidential election. This is why the Clinton imposter had to cheat during the election debates because her twin sister Christine Maxwell AKA Lynn Forrester Stein De Rothschild did not know shit to shine-nola about government, especially, foreign affairs.

The DNC'S Horse dropped dead before the finish line in a rigged election that almost triggered the 16 year plan and the end of our republic.

However, the plan has continued under the TRUMP Administration and it is in it's last stages, due to his advice given to him by, you guessed it, the Belgium Family members deeply embedded in his campaign, the congress, senate, judiciary, DOD, DOJ, FBI, CDC and naturally the whitehouse cabinet.

Each time we would be ready to prosecute these thugs through a Grand Jury under 18 USC 2381 thru 2385, we would vet them as persons of interest, they ended up being bad guys related to the ones we wanted to prosecute. We would regroup and pull back, waiting for another opportunity.

Now, the institute and "We The People..." have ran out of time.

I might add the institute has vetted you and the president as persons of interest. What we found was very unsettling to say the least, however, legally under the Pseudo Name Balloting Laws there is no crime committed, however, these persons of interest have committed multiple federal crimes including RICO, no one in politics, Hollywood, music industry and many other professions are who they claim to be, especially, the legal Bar Associations and medical field, Medical Doctors Licensing Board, in which is infiltrated by the Belgians.

How do we know this is through the Wikipedia, own by the Belgians. Damn, I know that each one of these family members are doctors and lawyers. Some are not old enough to have gone through law school and medical school. This will be something that you will need to investigate further.

The reputation in the name, Hillary Clinton is untouchable from her nexus ancestry to the Bush, Reeds, Rockefeller, Maxwell, Rodham Family. She is married to former president Bill Clinton AKA Amschel Mayor James De Rothschild, in which has made her name untouchable along with her father's above sir names.

The letter is publicly written to you with copies sent to President Donald J. Trump and the Tampa Bay Times, as a dead man's switch. The information that I am about to share with you, involves the final stage in the takeover of America, without a shot fired, but a rigged election controlled narratives by the major tech giants, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tik Tok, Youtube. Patreon and Go Fund Me.

All these tech giants I might add are owned by the same family that are responsible for the Covid 19 Plandemic under Fauci AKA James Mountain Inhofe AKA Hollywood Actor Joe Pesci. His wife Dr. Brix AKA Susan Blassey Ford AKA.

The Inhofe and Kennedy Family AKA as the Royal Belgium Family and In Laws Of King Philippe and King Albert Of Belgium AKA John F. Kennedy Sr AKA Evelyn De Rothschild AKA Senator Bernie Sanders

The video that you just watched paints a picture of our planed future takeover, if Joe Biden ticket reaches the Whitehouse. However, there is another scenario that must be considered, what if Joe Biden is only a placeholder because we know he is politically damaged goods for the 2020 elections.

You are our republic's last chance before the elections. If things should go south and Biden AKA Joseph Patrick Kennedy -and Harris AKA

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