This Channel has Damning Visual Forensic Evidence That Both Cases Proves Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That The Racially Charged Alleged Murders Of Two Black Men Ahmaud Arbery, By White Supremacist Brunswick Georgia Retired District Attorney Investigator, Floyd's Alleged Murder By A Minneapolis Police Officer And Recently The Allege Atlanta Policemen Murder Of Rayshard Brooks.

All Three Acts Are Considered Treason Against All Perpetrators And Co-Conspirators And An Act To Overthrow A Duly Elected Government Of The 45th President Donald J. Trump. It Is Also Suspect In Interfering Into The Re-Election Bid Of The President Of the United States.

The institute of intelligence groups and International politics' director has reached out to the Department of Justice, the FBI, and a Georgia Supreme Court Judge, District Attorney and a Georgia Sequestered Grand Jury for assistance in bringing these perpetrators and

co-conspirators to answer for the crime of TREASON.

The Code Of Federal Regulations 18 U.S.C. Section 2381 are very clear in its position in what constitutes Treason against the United States.

There is also a bright line standard found in the Georgia Code Annotated, 16-11-1, where two or more citizens can apply for a warrant by a judge against a person or person's committing TREASON against the state of Georgia.

Due to the corruption, through out. the Federal branches of law enforcement FBI, DOJ and Judicial system, the institute is seeking warrants for individuals committing Treason through state and local prosecution, sequestered grand jury and the supreme court judiciary that has the authority through a mirrored treason state code found in O.C.G.A 16-11-1 of the GEORGIA CODE ANNOTATED.

The nexus For jurisdiction is the riots committed within the territorial boundaries of Atlanta In the State Of Georgia. The Perpetrators and Co-Conspirators are resident citizens of other state venues within the United States.

To Be Continued AS THINGS UNFOLD! (More To Come Under Construction 30 Plus Website Platforms AS IF Television Channeling The TRUTH Without Social Media Giant Interference.

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