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Walmart Pulls Bitch Move In Refusing Returns Until Further Notice

Walmart A Major Box Store Global Conglomerate Bankrolled By The Federal Government Through Department Homeland Security Refuses Returns Until Further Notice In Claiming an Extended Time In Bringing Returns For Refund Or Exchange.

This investigator has reached out to Walmart, without any satisfaction in someone owning up to this bitch move, when in facts and the opinion of this investigator. WALMART is part of this plandemic due to it's nexus to the Belgium Oligarchical family of King Albert II And King Philippe Of Belgium and others connected to the Deep State, Bill Gates AKA Tom Steyer, Son of Warren Buffet AKA...

These public and private persons of interest weave a wide sticky web of culpability through associations of the Fortune 500 Families revealed in this post that stretches from state to state ran by governors and state and federal bureaucrats in the Congress, Senate, SCOTUS, and judiciary star chambers of Rothschild And Belgium decent have pulled off with precision this bio terrorism hoax.



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