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You have noticed that we don't bog our truths with advertising botts. Our sole source of REVENUE is mammon (Money) from the heavens manifested by your donations and or purchases from the PATRIOT GEAR STORE Or this Page, PREPPERS TRUTHS, in which are our affiliate sites where the TRUTH CHANNEL amasses their Revenue to continue bringing you cutting edge TRUTH of the TRUE IDENTITY of those that commit TREASON Against our republic, while attempting to over throw our duly elected governments.


This and more is uncovered through our new found science PSYCOPSYOPOLOGY (psyco - psyop - ology), through, visual forensic tdentification in the faces of the wild (INTERNET), in which who are behind the false flags that motovates and shapes our society with fear, doubt and unbeliefs; manufactured domestic terrorism; bio terrorism; plotting as co conspirators in 18 U.S.C. 2385.


The Institute exposes our government  and those that claim to run it, while a dark sinister force makes the decisions and controls the body politic from abroad are called in America ILLIMI CORP, in Europe, the Illuminati. See For Yourself in an airwaves intercepted illumi corp training video:

There is a pro and con in the authenticity of this training video. However, it is fair to give the other side to an opportunity to explain their reason that this intecepted video ia not authentic. You Be The Judge:

This is where Mark Dice AKA Matt Anderson AKA Mark Lawerence Rockefeller the Illumi Corp debunker the son of the comentator, Actor Arthur Roberts AKA Mark Fitler Rockefeller AKA John Brennan.

Three Factors That Proves Beyond a Reasonable Doubt that this video intercepted in 2008 out of the air waves in New York City.


1.) Dice published the original video to debunk the claim as it not an authenic intercepted video or a stolen video from the non-existant Illumi Corp. Here Is His Plublished Orginal.


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